Fall 2014: 09/07/2014--1/4/2015

Age: 5 to Adult (Special classes for students who speak either Chinese or English at home)

Time: Sunday, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Place: Richland Baptist Church,

Fee: $150.00 (tuition, textbooks and culture class material included)

Books: Speak Mandarin in 500-1000 Words Conversation 1

Meizhou Chinese series for Chinese 1 to Chinese 9

Living Chinese K1--K3 for Chinese Kindergarten

More information, please contact us, e-mail: TCCLS2010@gmail.com

Welcome to a new semester! Tri-Cities Chinese Language School (TCCLS) will start the 2014 Fall semester on Sep. 7, 2014.

High School Seniorsin TCCLS have a chance to attend FREE summer school in China!